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KIDS & Youth

St Luke’s is a family church.  Put simply, that means we are really fortunate to have lots of children and young people who are involved in practically every aspect of our church life activities.

We believe our children and our young people are a massive blessing to us and we give thanks for them. They have so much to learn about life and yet they also have so much they can teach us too - we journey together.

Everything about our engagement with children and young people is focussed on encouraging growth to a more mature faith as a follower of Jesus. We seek to do that through age-sensitive groups that primarily function around our Sunday morning service, but there are also some midweek meet-ups too.

We also have a number of ways in which we seek to support the whole family as we grow and discover faith in Jesus together.


For more information, please contact Sarah Sharpe.

“Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”

- Jesus


Lyft  (11-14 year olds)

Meets fortnightly on Sunday mornings @ Zoom

Lyft is a fun space where teenagers can explore faith together.  For more details, please email the church office.

Inspire  (15-18 year olds)

Meets on Sundays, 7:30-9pm @ Zoom

Inspire offers a space where teenagers can grow together in faith and friendship in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  It is run by Carolyn Blainey and Martin Jessop.  For more details, please email the church office.

Image by Devin Avery


Jump & Bounce  (0-6 year olds)

Until earlier this year, Jump (0-3 year olds) and Bounce (3-6 year olds) ran alongside each other in our well-equipped church hall.  Due to current guidelines, we are unable to run these groups in their usual format.  For more information about how we're supporting families with younger children, please contact Sarah Sharpe.

Elev8  (7-11 year olds)

Meets fortnightly on Sunday mornings @ Zoom

Elev8 is a fun space where kids can explore faith together through story, games and activities.  For more details, please email the church office.



Tuesdays, 10:00am

Oasis is just that! A wonderful moment of refreshment in busy weeks for Mums. We meet for chatting, a Bible reflection and pray. We do this in the church worship space with toys and a team of wonderful ladies to play with them. Contact Sarah Sharpe for more details.

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